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01 Mar Secrets of Shopping at Khan El Khalili
mohamed 0 1195
 One of the best experiences to have while in Cairo is visiting Khan El Khalili Bazaar. There’s nothing like itFor more than 600 years; this old souk has preserved much of its original structure and atmosphereNot only tourists, but also Egyptians visit the bazaar to find all sorts of gifts, including Egyptian antiques, fine handmade crafts, jewelry..
26 Feb Khan El Khalili Bazar; An Adventure Back In Time
mohamed 0 763
When you’re planning to visit the land of the Pharaohs; the Great Pyramids, Sphinx, and similar attractions will be on top of the list, but there are so much more to see and enjoyYou cannot visit Egypt without going to Khan El Khalili; the oldest, biggest and most famous open-air bazar or souk; as called in Arabic, in the historic center of Islamic..
19 Jan I Will Not Be Triumphed Over
mohamed 0 1168
Said by one of the most famous female rulers in history; Cleopatra VII Perceived as a seductress who ruined the men in her life and destroyed her kingdom, notorious for her affairs with Marc Antony and Julius Caesar, a woman who would not be humbled in a triumph, a great leader and commander, and an intelligent diplomat, and the list continues. His..
05 Jan History of Thanksgiving
John 0 1870
13 THANKSGIVING FUN FACTS THAT WILL TOTALLY IMPRESS Thanksgiving is the time for gratitude and giving thanks. It allows us time to give thanks for our friends, family, food, and health. While enjoying the amazing turkey feast this holiday season, check out these Thanksgiving fun facts that are sure to entertain your family and friends around the ta..
22 Nov How to get the most out of Black Friday
John 0 33575
Tempted to pick up some of the best deals this year?Here are the best tips and tricks you need to know about so that you can get the most out of your shopping and save as much money as possible!Map out your purchases; make a shopping list and prioritizeYou got to keep it simple and have a clear strategy so that you don’t lose much time trying to fi..
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