Tempted to pick up some of the best deals this year?

Here are the best tips and tricks you need to know about so that you can get the most out of your shopping and save as much money as possible!

Map out your purchases; make a shopping list and prioritize

You got to keep it simple and have a clear strategy so that you don’t lose much time trying to figure out where  you’re going

Set a budget

In order to prevent the shopping euphoria from controlling you, take your list and budget with you, check the prices so that you don’t go over

Get out early

The sooner you get to the store, the more likely you’ll find the items you want

Scout the store you want to go shopping for a day before

Saves time; know exactly where you’re heading inside the store

Dress for the occasion; dress comfortably

Being one of the longest shopping days of your life, wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers

Leave then bulky coats and fussy clothes at home

Ponytails= Hands free

Fanny pack for your supplies

Pack snacks and water to keep yourself fueled during a long day at work. Also, don’t forget your headphones and credit card holder

Go with a group

Who said teamwork can’t be used in shopping? Arrange with friends or family, make a master list of everyone’s items and assign each person a task/ department.

Sign up for e-mail alerts and newsletters

To get the coupons and best offers straight away

Check return policies

Watch out for no-return policies, shortened return/ exchange time frames, and restocking fees

Shop using discounted gift cards

It’s always fun to get a great deal. A simple way to do this is to shop with discounted gift cards. Before you head out to shop, visit a site like Raise.com to find discounted gift cards. You can find gift cards for hundreds of retailers.

Get a big reusable shopping bag

Carts through crowds is not the best option here. A couple of reusable shopping bags is way better. You’ll need your hands!

Stick to online shopping

This year, avoid the crowds and stick to online shopping

Don’t go in stores unless you know you really want to and know what to expect

Almost all Black Friday deals are available online at this point.. which is going to be much more convenient and makes it easier to compare prices.